About Us

A. Background

Founded on September 23, 2011, Ezytravel is a Travel Website where you can compare flight ticket prices from different airlines, make reservations for hotel, tour packages, and cruise, buy travel insurance, and arrange your travel documents. Ezytravel is a sister company of Dwidaya Tour, the biggest and largest travel agency in Indonesia, which has won numerous awards as Top Ten Agents given by several largest airlines in Indonesia. Additionally, Dwidaya Tour has received "Dirgen Parseni Chakra Four" award, which is the highest award given by the Indonesia Ministry of Tourism for the travel industry category. Dwidaya Tour has more than 60 office branches throughout Indonesia, 1 branch in Hong Kong, and 1 branch in Sydney.

B. Main Motto Ezytravel 

"Becoming One Stop Shop for All Your Travel Needs"

C. Payment Options 

Ezytravel provides various payment options such as  via BCA KlikPay, bank transfer, credit card and Indomaret. In the future, Ezytravel also plans to build affiliations with numerous banks in Indonesia to facilitate more 


Flight tickets, hotel vouchers, and travel confirmation will be sent via email. Easy, fast, and secure.

E. Customer Service

You can contact Ezytravel 24-hour Hotline at 500 833 (toll free number) or from mobile phone (021) 500833. Additionally Ezytravel uses BBM with pin 513E7B78 and LINE: EZYTRAVEL.