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Garuda Indonesia (JT / LNI) is an Indonesian airlines that serve as a hybrid carrier market segmentation, or a combination of low cost and medium cost

As a hybrid carrier,Garuda Indonesia make an offer flights into two classes, Economy and Business. For economy class passanger. Garuda Indonesia provide a facilities size of luggage 20 kg and Leather seats with seat pitch of 29" for Bussiness class passanger.Garuda Indonesia provide a comfort leather seats with a seat pitch of 38', pre-flight drink, food and drink,and space of luggage 30 Kg. for economy class and bussiness get a facilities space of baggage 10 kg. For Domestic Flight, Garuda Air covers at most a combination of routes and schedules to the cities in Indonesia.

Nowadays Garuda Indonesia is the airline with the largest fleet in Indonesia, operates more than 80 Boeing 737-900ER and Boeing 737-800 latest (Next Generation) and Boeing 737-400. Garuda Indonesia still has 110 airplane to be delivered from early orders 178 Boeing 737-900ER. In March 2013, Garuda Indonesia also signed a contract to purchase 234 Airbus A320 family, which was recorded as a purchase contract in the history of Airbus.

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Flight Schedule by using form “Find Fligts at the top left of the page, then select the route and dates you want. Visit The Home Page Ezytravel.co.id or use Search box at the top left of the page Search Engine will find a cheapest flight for the route you have chosen Click "Search", then fill in the requested order form. We will reserve your flight ticket, you need to do is make a payment. After do a payment, please contact us to confirm the payment and we will send you e-ticket by email.

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After do a Booking in Ezytravel.co.i.d and Payment by Bank Transfer, Indomaret, BCA KlikPay and Credit Card. You will receive Garuda Indonesia E-ticket to your email.After that, You can print, or save an e-ticket in your smartphone and show e-ticket upon check in at the counter Garuda Indonesia in the airport. Prior to confirm air tickets, do not forget first to ensure that the name written on the ticket in accordance with the passenger's identity card.